Are Alfa Romeo really back?


Once upon a time, Alfa Romeo were some of the most stylish and sought-after cars of their time. However, in recent times they have become somewhat boring and understated. Yes, there have been a few odd cars here and there that have made people’s mouths water with excitement but not a consistent production of stylish, Italian beauties that can keep up with the well-crafted German rivals. That may have changed now though.

It all started when the 8C was unveiled. This car was awesome to look at, sounded great and best of all it was an Alfa Romeo BUT dynamically it was shocking. Then came the 4C; a small Italian sports car to rival those boring old German cars such as the Audi TT, Mercedes SLK, and BMW Z4. The 4C did a great job at putting those rivals to shame in the looks department but really lacked dynamic superiority.

Now, in much more recent times we have seen the release of the Giulia; namely the QV. This car is something special as it combines gorgeous Italian design with a clinical engineering. It fills those gaps where previous Alfa’s before it had failed. The Giulia gave Germany a kick up the arse and reminded them that dominating the ‘super’ saloon market was not going to be so easy. I really see the Giulia as the start of a long bloodline of truly great cars coming from Alfa.

The latest creation of Alfa’s to add to their ranks is the Stelio. This car is an SUV which packs quite a punch from what we’ve seen so far. Like the Giulia, it will rival the current German dominated market and hopefully pose a big threat, just as its saloon counterpart did. The QV version has already set the fastest lap at the legendary Nurburgring in the SUV category which proves its dynamically brilliant and well put together. I just hope Alfa keeps up their momentum and this run of great cars continues.


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