Combustion engines extinct by 2040?

A big task but achievable.

If you have been following the automotive industry for the last few years, you may have noticed somewhat of a change in manufacturers approach to the engineering of the cars they have been building. We are seeing much fewer combustion engines enter the market and a huge increase of hybrid and electric powered cars being produced.

It’s no secret that the automotive market has undergone some massive but gradual changes of late and it appears we may not have combustion engines at all in some countries by the year 2040. Many nations have addressed this topic by announcing bans on combustion powered cars over the next twenty years or so. Countries such as the UK, France and even China have made their intentions clear.

Frederik Dahlmann, assistant professor of global energy at Warwick Business School, described these announcements as “an important step” that set a clear long-term target, and “also gives car buyers an incentive to consider the different types of engine options available in light of the long-term development of the market.”

Although 2040 is still a while away, the thought of not having combustion cars on the road is a provoking idea. Personally, I feel it’s something that would inevitably happen at some stage due to technology advances, the growing concern for the conservation of the environment and the ever-present forging to create more economical cars for consumers. Whether these statements will stand is yet to be seen but what it does show is that it is an issue of concern that needs to be addressed with extreme seriousness.



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