Gordon Murray Automotive

Still a game changer.

The genius behind the legendary McLaren F1 will be entering the automotive industry with full force by forming his own car company called Gordon Murray Automotive. The South African born Professor has been involved with his own design company since 2007 with a production process called iStream.

It was announced yesterday that the formation of Gordon Murray Automotive would become a reality. The ideals of this company are to build boutique cars on a low-volume basis, following the principles of design and engineering that can be related back to the McLaren F1.

This year marked some major achievements for the South African. It was the 10th anniversary of Gordon Murray Design and the iStream technology along with the 25th anniversary of the McLaren F1. It was also his 50th year involved in the vehicle engineering and design industry.

We look forward to seeing what manner of genius design comes from Gordon Murray Automotive. Who knows, maybe the next McLaren F1?

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