Best car investments for 2017

We all want to invest in something that will go up in value with the years to come. Cars can be a seriously bad investment as their return is extremely low compared to what you bought it for. This is not always case and all it takes is some careful planning and smart thinking to get your moneys worth. Here are five of the best car investments we think you should make for 2017!


Porsche Boxter 986

Although this car isn’t pretty to look at, it is becoming a modern classic. They can be picked up for around R150,000 these days and should begin to raise in value over the years to come due to its age, uniqueness and the fact that it’s none other than a Porsche. It’s hard to think that the Boxter has now been around for over 20 years!

It’s still a Porsche.

BMW M3 E46 (CS & CSL)

This car still looks the part when in good nick and of course being an M3, its dynamically brilliant. The rare versions of the M3 in the form of the CS and CSL can be sold for a fair share of cash these days. Their value will only increase with age as they become rarer and therefore more collectable. Not so long ago a CS could be picked up for around R400,000 but now range in the R600,000 bracket. The CSL on the other hand is now worth in the regions of R1.5million if it is in almost perfect condition.


Jaguar E-Type Series I

The E-Type still has to be one of the best-looking cars ever made to date, and with the value going up all the time, makes it all the more desirable to the crazed petrol head. A few years-ago, a well looked after one of these would set you back around R1.5million but now can go all the way up to R4million. The value is only going to increase like most classics so you better not wait too long!

Elegant, beautiful and damn pricey.

Alfa Spider

This cute little Italian classic is something to get your hands on now, as the price for them hasn’t quite gone through the roof yet. The Alfa Spider has nearly doubled in value over just the last two to three years! For maximum value, red is the colour to get and with the steering wheel on the right side for your country of residence/origin. Don’t forget that Alfa still have close ties to Ferrari and we all know what that means.

Simple Italian classic.

Porsche 992 GT2

If you’re a serious petrol head with some serious cash to go with it, this last car might spark your interest. Not only is the Porsche 992 GT2 very quick and complete eye-candy but they now are valued at over R10million! The ideal highest value colour for this car is the Riviera Blue and just two years ago this car was only worth half of what it is now. Prices are still on the rise!

Completely mental both in price and performance.


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