The ugliest car of the modern era?

Certainly better with the roof up.

This is a damning question, and one that some manufacturers wince at the mere mention of it. The first couple that come to most is either the Fiat Multipla or one of Ssangyong’s many ‘creations’. Yes, these are truly ugly cars; but that’s only surface ugly. I want to express my opinion further than just the surface, but also the purpose of it.

For me, the ugliest car in the modern era is the Range Rover Evoque convertible. I never thought I would say it, but Range Rover have managed a truly horrible feat. This car honestly makes me cringe because its mere existence is a mystery to me. How a car company that has built so many great motor vehicles over its time has managed to come up with this leaves me baffled.

When I first saw this car on the road I thought the owner had taken his perfectly normal Evoque and performed a ‘Top Gear challenge’ to it. I really could not believe what I was seeing, so much so that I pulled over and had to Google if it was even a legitimate model of car. The problem I have with this car is that it doesn’t fit in anywhere, it has no place in the motoring world. It takes two completely different concepts and mashes them together in a horrible way.

If you buy one of these cars, you might as well be telling the world that you know nothing about cars and believe that anything convertible is ‘cool’. It may sound like I’m being harsh but just think for a minute; a convertible Range Rover. It’s not simply that its hideous but just, wrong.

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