Nissan GTR/C – A kid’s dream

This is no ordinary GTR.

The Japanese manufacturer has brought the dreams of a young car and gaming enthusiast to life; introducing the Nissan GTR/C. This is a special one-off edition of the supercar killer that was introduced to us a few years back but guess what, it’s controlled by a PlayStation remote! Yes, you heard correctly.

The car itself puts out 542bhp, 630Nm of torque and does a claimed 0-60mph time of just 2.8 seconds. That’s a seriously quick remote-control car, which only has a range of one kilometre. It may sound like an impressive distance but in reality, it won’t be much use if you take this thing to a race track as generally they are around 5km long on average.

The masters behind this madness are a British company called JLB Design Limited. They fitted the car with four individual robots that are each assigned a task to make the whole process possible. Don’t worry about crashing it either because JLB have fitted two safety systems; one to cut the engine and the other to apply heavy braking.

This is a really cool concept which should be given great praise for the amount of technology, planning and thought that was needed to make this whole project work. The official showcase was held at Silverstone in the UK and the car was driven by Jann Mardenborough, the winner of the GT Academy a few years ago.

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