The fastest car: 0-400-0

I mean just look at it.

It’s official. The Koenigsegg Agera RS has become the fastest car ever to reach 0-400kph-0 in an astonishing 36.44 seconds! It was only just a month ago that Bugatti showed the world what is was made of by making the Chiron the champion of speed, but once again the small Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg has put a cork in the Bugatti bottle.

The car itself was not owned by Koenigsegg directly, but in fact a customer who owned it. The Agera RS features a 5.0L twin-turbo V8 that produces 1360bhp; that’s a lot of power for a car that weighs just 1360kg. This also makes it one of very few cars in the world that can produce 1bhp per 1kg of curb weight.

The driver for this milestone event was Niklas Lilja who had to carefully build up to the final run, making sure the car was able to handle the full test on a less than ideal surface. The Agera RS was able to achieve 400kph in 26.88 seconds which was again faster than the Bugatti which did it in 32.6 seconds.

This achievement for the whole Koenigsegg team really proves that anything is possible. They’ve yet again showed passion and determination really does a long way and I’m certain in saying that this won’t be their last major milestone.

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