Porsche Mission E – Forging the future

Driving into the future.

The trend of electric cars is becoming more and more apparent in the automotive industry. The latest addition to this flurry of future ingenuity is the Mission E from Porsche. This car has been built around the idea of creating a sports car for ‘tomorrow’ as described by Porsche themselves. It is due to be released in 2019 with some serious stats to follow.

Speed. Comfort. Style.

It is projected to have over 600bhp, a top speed of over 250km/h and a 0-100km/h time of under 3.5 seconds. It will use an 800 V battery that will apparently last up to 500km or 300 miles for you foreign folk. Those are some extremely exciting numbers for a car that looks like it could cater for a small family with those four racing-style bucket seats.

It’s a good-looking thing too, with a very Panamera inspired design but a more futuristic touch to compliment the innovative genius behind it. The front end has been molded around that of the legendary 918 which is some serious DNA to have. The Mission E also has rear view mirrors without rear view mirrors. What does this mean? Well, Porsche have managed to figure out how to reflect images into the corners of the front windshield to project and replace the standard mirrors that have been found on cars for years. Yes, this car is THAT clever.

The stunning interior of the new Mission E.

Another cool feature of this futuristic masterpiece includes eye-tracking. Porsche have said that the main control panel located behind the steering wheel can be operated by eye-contact. They claim you can direct to a menu with your eyes and confirm your selection on the steering wheel. I’m not sure how truly effective this will be especially when you’re driving but hey, I’m sure they’ve thought that through already!

This car truly shows that manufacturers are moving towards the future of the automotive industry. Electric powered vehicles are becoming more and more common in the market and the statistical numbers of these cars are almost on a par with some of the world’s fastest combustion powered machines as well. Porsche are proving to the world that they are not only a revolutionary brand now but will be for years to come.

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