Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

Mercedes-AMG Concept ONE.

Yesterday, the highly anticipated Mercedes-AMG Project ONE concept hit the center stage in Frankfurt, Germany at the International Motor Show. This is the first hypercar we have seen from the kings of Formula One, so expectations were high especially as this is probably going to be the closest thing to their Formula car that can be used on the road.

I felt this car could have been so much more in the looks department. It looks like a combination of the Lamborghini Centenario, Porsche 918 and Koenigsegg Regera. Now this sounds like a dream mixture but in all honesty, those cars all look good in their own right but not when mashed together into a Mercedes blender. I think the disappointment mainly forms behind the fact that the guys at AMG didn’t really put much thought into the design of the car, especially as the performance stats are something to shout about, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

The rather ‘Regera’ looking rear end.

So, the stats. Well to begin, this car has a claimed 1000bhp, which is a lot if we’re honest. But I think the most impressive part of this car is the technology. We all know that Mercedes has been dominating Formula One for the last few years and making it very boring for us at home, but one cannot help but admire their genius in making the combination of combustion and electric power work to perfection. This is where I think the AMG will blow away the competition. Much like the Porsche 918 Spyder which really put the LaFerrari and McLaren P1 to bed in terms of hybrid technology.

The Project ONE will use a combination of combustion and electric motors just like the current Formula One car. This means the driver will be squashed into their seat by being thrusted from 0-120mph in under six seconds! To eliminate any turbo lag, Mercedes have fitted an electric motor within the V6 engine so the acceleration is nothing short of phenomenal. Another two electric motors can then power the front wheels independently in a zero-emissions mode. There is a fourth electric motor, but trying to explain how it works isn’t worth sharing because even Mercedes don’t know what it does.

The insane interior of the Project ONE.

Although the exterior of this £2.5million hypercar is a little underwhelming, the interior looks incredible. It replicates something of the future (which it is quite honestly) and beholds a Formula One style steering wheel, carbon seats and futuristic-looking display console where we assume all the magic happens. I honestly can’t wait for this car to hit the market and not to mention the track as I truly believe it’s going to set the bar to new heights in terms of performance.

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