TVR returns! The all-new Griffith

A rear end shot of the new 2017 TVR Griffith!

As a Brit, I’m very excited by the prospect of TVR returning to the car market. Since their foundation in 1947 they have always been a cat amongst the pigeons by boasting a very big engine in a small, lightweight body. The new Griffith seems to fulfill that legacy which makes this car something to be excited about.

So, the stats then. Well, to begin with none of these are 100% accurate but close enough to get a sense of what this car will do. It will contain a 5.0 quad-cam V8 which can be found in a current Ford Mustang. This version however, will see more power and torque squeezed out of it by the legends at Cosworth. It should produce around 500bhp which is quite impressive considering the car has an estimated dry weight of only 1250kg!

The front end view of this British brute.

Top speed? Yes, 200mph is the mark it should hit based on numbers along with TVR’s consistent disregard for drag enhancing, handling aerodynamics. It will come with only one gearbox option; yes, a manual. Thank you TVR for realizing that a true driving experience comes from grabbing a car by the scruff of the neck and throwing it around rather than letting a computer do all the work. I also think this car is pretty good looking. The front is a little unique and not quite as aggressive as a Sagaris for instance but the back is simply masterful.

TVR have sold pretty much all of the 500 launch edition cars at £90,000 a pop and look to set production in about 12 months’ time. This is a car that I’m really excited about. Look out, TVR are back!



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