The future classic? Jaguar E-Type Zero

The future classic Jaguar E-Type Zero cruising along creating zero emissions and still looking beautiful!

Jaguar have made major steps in the movement of electric cars in recent times. They have entered into Formula E, developed the future of the steering wheel and now managed to develop a Jaguar E-Type that may change the way we see classics in the future.

The meaning of E in its name has taken on a whole new definition. The Jaguar E-Type Zero is a fully functioning electric version of the legendary classic given to us some 56 years ago by the British manufacturer. The ‘engine’ is a 295bhp electric powertrain that replaces the original 4.2-litre straight six that once resided under the bonnet.

The 4.2-litre straight six replacement in the form of batteries.

For me, this car doesn’t make sense at this point in time. The whole point of a classic is to enjoy it for what it was, not morph it into something that cars will become in the near future. I understand the concept of why it has been developed but I can’t see classic car lovers ever wanting to spend their money on a ‘milk float’ version of one of the best cars ever made anytime soon.

I think it’s an interesting idea overall and shows what is possible. Someday, this car may fill a gap in the market when combustion engines become ‘extinct’ and driving a classic car may become impossible but I can’t see that happening for a quite a while.

The interior of the E-Type Zero. Classy and modern but with a classic Jaguar edge from the original.

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