News: McLaren 570S Spider

McLaren is coming up with some pretty special cars of late. Everything from the revelation of the P1 to the spine-cracking 720S. Somehow the supercar manufacturer still finds time to appeal to the mass market, and by mass market, I mean the overly used ‘typical Porsche buyer’ segment of the market. Considering this, McLaren thought to themselves “let’s try to destroy the convertible segment of Porsche’s market” by introducing a spider of their ‘budget’ supercar, the McLaren 570s.

McLaren plans to release the 570S in the latter stages of 2017, and have stated out-and-out that this is their “most-attainable” car they have ever made. The Spider will bring along a third derivative of the 570 portfolio, along with the 570S Coupe and the recently released 570GT.

The 570S Spider will be hustled along by the same old 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 found in almost every McLaren ever made. Boasting 562-horsepower, the Spider sprints to 100kph in 3.1 seconds and will eventually break through the 330kph marker. With figures like that, it makes you wonder why you would even contemplate a 675LT Spider when the 570s Spider is R2,6 million less than the LT and R1,5 million less than the 650S Spider.

The launch version which will be limited to 400 units worldwide will sport two colours, “Vega Blue” and “Sicilian Yellow”. I’ve got my eye on the Vega Blue Spider – looks pretty delicious to me.  

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